The breeding of Cardinal Gherardo is located in the green Emiliana plain in northern Italy at S.Polo di Torrile in the province of Parma. The chosen charter wants to be a tribute to the first great man (Cardinal Bianchi Gherardo +1302 Mar.1, buried at St. John in Lateran.) Ordered by Pope Nicolò III in 1278, March 12, Apostolic Protonotary - Holy Cistercian Order, Twelve Apostles, 1278, Sabina and Poggio Mirteto, 1281. Monachies arrived at S.Siro and S.Polo and monks at Gainago. The famous Certosa di Parma called S.Martino dei Bocci Cistercian Monastery of Paradigna (of the famous novel by Stendhal) Was wanted by Cardinal Gerardo Bianchi, native of Gainago.
His birthplace is now part of the property of the Balduino-Serra villa. The cardinal worked hard to make his land fertile and productive and rich in works of art. It seems, but it is not certain; That in his coat-of-arms Cardinalizio appeared a white puppy. In spite of the harsh summer weather, stormy and foggy in winter, we love this rich and generous land; Having called our breeding with the name of his first great man born here wants to be a modest contribution.
The first bichon arrives in 1989 Windstars Groucho Marx, then in the same year comes Windstars Lamborghini their first daughter Melania Kellermann becomes Camp.Italiana and then Reproductor.
Groucho went to 17 years of Melania almost to 19.
Other imported dogs come from Sweden (multi camp.Inghedens Sir Scott Winterpearl) No Bichon Frize has ever won so many titles in Italy. Scott (1995-2011) was Young Promise Enci, Italian Champion, International Champion, Reproduction Champion, Social Champion and Social Playing Champion. From Finland I'll be here (Diamella One Of Soldiers (Soldino) and Camp.It and Inter Diamella.Purple Rose (Rosy) So also from England and Germany (Snow Flakes) A big stallion is Diamella x Player box (Lucas) Italian champion , Foreign, social and playwright (with 8 children of Italian champions) Last arrived The Camp Regina Bichon Winner of a dream and Diamella package of a joi (Pepito) new stallions. Italian version